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Bodytree is an indigenous people’s health and education movement and registered charity based in Kerala, South India. Bodytree promotes Adivasi Ayurveda and its community health focused curriculum.

We offer breath retraining, body work based on structural integration and body awareness, safe herbal remedies and urine therapy.

Breath Retraining

Bodytree is launching a health and education movement around Breath Training. See Breath Retraining

One Day School on Health

In 2010 Bodytree launched its one-day school curriculum to school children and small groups of people. After 2 years the one-day school of health is proving to be a great success.

If you are interested to have Bodytree visit your school or community, more information can be found on our page for One Day School on Health.

Moon Calendars

2012 Moon calendars are now available and can be downloaded for free. Find out more on Moon Calendar.


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